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November 11, 2011



Congratulations to the both of you!


LOVE all the new items. And congratulations on the upcoming family addition!


Quite the surprise blog post ending! Congratulations!

Beth/Tributary Handmade

Congratulations! I love the gentleman beaver print....the wood pin on his jacket is great!

Melissa Kojima

Wonderful prints and what wonderful news! Congrats on the baby!!!!


Love the moose!!
Congrats to you guys!

Show Jumping

Is that the freak from the Goonies movie? You just made my day.


Congratulations you beautiful Berkleys!!! Oh you just wait, you are going to LOVE being parents - it's the most amazing, beautiful, incredible thing you could ever do. I'm so happy for you both and absolutely LOVE the illustration Ryan did of you two and the stork - so gorgeous! (I would love to have something like that for when I had my two kids - what a special moment he's captured which you will both treasure forever). Great news - hooray! xo


WHAAAAT!?!?!?! Oh my goodness! I am so excited for you! Nothing will ever be so tough and so overwhelmingly rewarding! I am so happy for you two and hope nothing but loveliness, joy, easy labor (oxymoron?) and perfection!



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Gratulatione te pulchra Berkleys!!! O expectant iusti, tu AMOR esse parentes - suus maxime miris, pulchra, incredibile tu semper. Sum tam felix vobis et absolute AMOR illustratione Ryan fecit de vos et ciconia - ita splendidis! (Ego amare ad aliquid sicut quod cum mihi duos haedos - quod specialis momento Lorem capta quod voluntate thesaurum aeternum). Magna fama - Eugepae!

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Ich würde gerne so etwas, wenn ich hatte für meine beiden Kinder haben - was für ein besonderer Moment, er ist gefangen, die Sie beide Schatz für immer). Tolle Neuigkeiten - Hooray!

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Jag är så glad för er båda och absolut älskar illustrationen Ryan gjorde dig två och storken - så vackra!

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