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February 04, 2011



These illustrations are awesome,
Have you done an opossum?

Rachel Ann

I would like to stitch, so I don't have to bitch!


i love me some Berkleys and
i love me some thread.
send me a pattern and
it'll hang over my bed.
the end.


I really have an itch to sew and stitch.

Erin R.

Nothing beats animals in attire, especially those with a little fire! I'm no liar! :)


Do I want these? Yes. Yes...please.


A fox, on a box
Of stitches, bitches.

I must have these,
To please,
My knees.


A rabbit, a bird, a cat and a fox
Go together like stitching in socks.


Thimbles, needles, yarn, and bobbins,
All to sew up Mr. Robin.

A daytime, nighttime, all-times habit,
Making portraits of Mrs. Rabbit.

With brooch in place of pillbox hat,
The ever-lovely, Miss Black Cat.

And finally, without much shock,
Your friend and mine, it's Mr. Fox.

A bit of play, a bit of work, see?
The new designs of Mr. Berkley.

Mary Page

A fox with a tie—oh my!
A hare in a sweater—even better!
A cat with a brooch—nice approach!
A bird in a suit—what a hoot!


I want to win!
Is that a sin?

Matthew Kravitz

Embroidery patterns? Hazzah, how sublime!
I'd really love to make these all mine.
So please do choose me to win this great prize,
And my wife will stitch you a goat with green eyes!

Brandy Danielsen

We love your work,
your sketches are fab,
thanks to your prints,
our pad isn't drab!

lisa h.

I don't have time
to write a rhyme,
though stitches sublime
hang — — —
in the dreadful balance.

KeddyJo Quesada

Here's my ditty:
I WANT that kitty!

The others are quite amazing as well.


Your animal friends look so darn spiffy
I'd plaster my walls with them in a jiffy!


I gave your squirrels for Christmas
And now I am a kissed miss!


lisa johnston-smith

How do you get the animals to stay so still,
while you paint them with your quill?


I really hope I win, just in time to sin.


I find these smart dearlings astounding
As embroidery's clearly abounding!
I hope they'll be minesies
To give for Valentinesies!
So I find that my heart is pounding,
With great anticipation,
And much fixation,
It's the rhyming I find so confounding.

So I hope you don't think that I'm hounding.
Though I know that it has started sounding
Like I'm being coy
In a desperate ploy
So that gifts in my lap will be mounding.

But really I just keep expounding
For the wonderful prize is compounding
From not just stitching
But for the prints we are itching,
The unanimous vote is resounding!


Megan P.I.

If I had this brand new Sublime Stitching pattern to embroider,
Then my idle hands would stay busy instead of committing moider!

And who could forget Birdy, Foxy, Bunny, and Kitty?
I would welcome them into my super-secret sub-committee (in which we plan diabolical things like cookie parties and nature walks)


These dapper young guys
would make such a great prize.
We'd display them with ease,
so enter us, please. :-)


I'd like this in part, because I can't stitch a fart.


Bird and Cat
Rabbit and Fox.

If I win,
Will they come in a box?


So many rhymes from commenters clever
Makes my rhyme a hopeless endeavor,
But what I lack in rhyming ability
I make up in stitching virility.

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