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September 03, 2009


Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

Happy anniversary! I love your wedding... how cool.

Congrats, from a fellow PDXer.


what a lovely idea! a wedding camp. so sweet. it will be lovely to see you guys @ renegade. if you're in town for a bit after the show we should grab a drink. ;)


Happy anniversary!


That was the best wedding ever!!! Happy Anniversary!!


Happy Anniversary!


cool...have a wonderful time


happy anniversary..


Very cool wedding and Happy Anniversary!! Btw, I also love all the animal prints!! My husband and I aren't having children anytime soon (we've only been married just short of a yr so far), but have already decided to start buying the prints so we can hang them in a nursery when we do decide to have some little ones. Until then, they'll probably hang all over the house, because they are awesome!! They remind me of Beatrix Potter books.

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