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July 02, 2009



Summertiming. I like it!

I'm adding the Enchanted Forrest to our Portland road trip (once I get my licence..soon) itinerary, for sure. Thanks for the tip!

Oh, I went on the Ghost Train ride at the Royal Easter Show as an adult and was still freaked out by the vampire who's head was sometimes screwed on backwards. I'm feeling you on the haunted house fright.


Who is that cute ghost-girl wearing a striped skirt in the room with Gretel?

I really like the new t-shirt design, Ryan. It's very cool. Very T&C Surf Designs, and it looks amazingly, believably retro & quirky-cool.

I ate the last of those, heart-shaped sandwiches yesterday (out of the fridge), and I finished the rest of that bag of Hawaiian chips, and I felt kind of sad that Grant's moving away, but then I was happy, since the last week was so much fun hanging out with all of you guys.


oooh, summertiming! I'm going to have to use that. Good job inventing a new and useful word!

I haven't been to Enchanted Forest since I was little either. My favorite was always the crooked house...I guess I've always had an interest in houses. ;)


a) i want to go there.

b) i want that pennant.

c) it is funny how these posts are all attributed to ryan and yet mention his girlhood (it happens).

d) this reminds me of rock city in chattanooga. if you ever find yourselves driving between atlanta and nashville, you must stop by there.

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