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August 18, 2008



Interesting story! I can't imagine hiding that particular twig in ones pants without being caught... it looks a little painful!


This is Dave, from Dunsmuir. We've been looking for that piece of wood. Please return it. You can send it to the post office, marked general deliver, 96025.


We were eating lunch by a creek, and I told her I'd meet her at the car because I wanted to scope out a lower section of the creek, but secretly I wanted to find a nice earring rack branch because Lucy alwatys said she needed something to hold her ever-growing earring collection.

When I found the branch I actually crammed it in the waistband of the back of my pants, so it was sticking out like a wild, multi-pronged tail.
As I was walking to the car, it was so weird having that stick back there, I think I came across as inured looking.
I approached the car from behind, and Lucy was waiting in the driver's seat. She must have noticed me walking funny from the rear view mirror. I opened the trunk and put it in while the trunk door obscured my trickery. Then I got in and told her I had a charlie horse or something.


Wow, you must have some good self-restraint. I would have peeked into that bag/ripped open that box within 24 hours of discovering/being given it. (Seriously, my husband has to hide presents for me at my sister's house.) I love secrets/surprises, I just can't wait for them for very long :)

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