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June 08, 2011


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I love you guys! That new illustration is awesome and looks amazing paired up in that diptych. Love love love love LOVE your work!!

Nancy Berkley

Have fun in N.Y.! Stay cool. (you already are.) I hear it is hot there now. (& so are you guys!) Take lots of pics please!


It was only once that I get the chance to see a bicycle like this. I miss the old times.


Woa so there's a Berkley Blog! I just bought your well dressed meerkat for my boyfriend's birthday, it's fantastic I love it and he loves it and I'm so glad I found your work!

The Art of Michelle

These pillows are so great! I'd love to have that otter...And the best part is that my husband can appreciate your work too!

Michael Lockridge

Your work is quite interesting. I especially like your take on 'jumping the shark.' Thanks for sharing!

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