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November 07, 2009



I have that little owl on the right side of your first CW display board! His name is Felix Derbyshire. Come visit any time you want.

a Cagey Bee

$20 for an original?! Wow. Those are some lucky shoppers!

Glad you're charging more now so you can afford to keep making art. :)


Check it out. Eight ball beb.

Brandy Von Doeren

i just love finding out the backgroud to little success stories. It's fun to see where it all started. thanks for sharing.

I have to say, I should have looked for this blog a year ago. I absolutely fell in love with Ryan's animal portraits when I saw them in Urban Outfitters. I surprised one of my best friends last Christmas with the framed Cheetah because it was the best thing we'd ever seen. I think the animals are just made for oval frames and looking at your first set of them confirms that for me. I'd kill for that penguin or owl!

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