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July 05, 2009



233 is text language for "BFF". You guys should have done a BFF animal in honor of the US's BFF induction into all of our hearts. I guess you live and you learn.


love the wolf


Blogged about how much I love Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal today.

Y'all are awesome. Congrat on the UO deal!

Meliss Grover

Okay Guys! I see ya'll are comin' down to the B.A. so I'm going to see you, right? Promise? I'm coming to the Renegade Craft Fair so I can kiss you both in your booth! Whew! I saw Emily today and she gave me the skinny. Love you two like crazy, Meliss (little Beau's mom)


Hi there! Wow this artwork is fabulous.
We'd love to have you guest blog on and tell us how your art is therapeutic for yourself! If interested please be in touch and we'll help promote your work!

Please be in touch.
Kathy Founder of Craft For Health

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