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January 22, 2009



I like the scrunchy buckle on them. Much better than the link to the other crazy vegan shoes I mentioned.

Michelle Cavigliano

Super-cute! I frequent Target, Payless, and Old Navy for the vegan flats. I like the J-41 shoes a lot (, but they make my wallet sad.


I like farts.


super cute and yes, yay! for hoarding, or as i like to call it 'stocking up.' dude, if i like something i buy like 5 of it cause sooner or later they stop making it.

brandy von doeren

hehe. I actually saw these at my local Target then they first came to us. I was so jazzed, because I was actually there to get a bunch of new shoes.. I shop in bulk. Saddly they were sold one, as well as our other Target... yep we got 2 on 1 street. I looked for 2 months with no avail. Your a lucky gald and smart to stock up, Target doesn't re stock. They get one load and sell tell its out. Happy shoe wearing.

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