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September 02, 2008



Sweet! The T-Rex is awesome!!!


Smashing job Mr.Berkley, if I was wearing a hat, I would tip it in your honor. BTW, Isaiah just swallowed his tongue with the sight of such a fabulous T-Rex. Salut!


That is obviously the more timid red squirrel native to jolly old England. I can tell by the ears. Not the more aggressive, larger, gray one from the USA. You know our squirrel is runnin' theirs out of town, so they have begun to hunt the American gray to protect the English red? Those wacky Brits.


That dino is badass. I dig the hat and duds! Very stylish. And that big toothy grin.

becky b

can't wait to see this friday at redux...I'm hoping I can get my hands on that cowboy t.rex for my own purposes...

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