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July 27, 2008



oh jesus, someone is going to get electrocuted. Love the little bake you did.
love the blog. :)


thank you..guess is time to do some shopping,


HA HA HA kids do the darnedest things


i remember a commercial from when i was kid where this cartoon guy was trimming his tree with one of those things your neighbor is using and then he hit some power lines and got zapped.

i hope your neighbor didn't get zapped.


I figure the issue if the giraffe wins is getting it to fit in the alotted space with such a long neck? I have an idea... IF G. wins, could you make him in two seperate drawings, with body and part of neck in one, and rest of neck and head in the other? Then, they could be hung, one over the other, in diptych-fashion. It would be definitely different, but groovy in it's own right ;-)

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