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July 11, 2008


Gessners Rock

I believe that he deserves at least one more tentacle just for the mustache. A facial hairpiece of that caliber is no small feat!

I'm a bit of a Jake the Snake fan myself. I think that they had the same spandex dealer.

Maybe a lil' Iron Sheik, Andre the Giant or the Animal. I always wanted a green tongue.

Kudos to Lucy for the douchebag reference...

Can't wait to see you all in T-Town!


Gessners Rock

This is why I love da Iron Sheeeiiiiikkk...


You have an action figure to go along with those cards?!


I see a sinister hero in these action figures... I'm not sure what's gonna happen next.

Bigfoot toy

These WWF figurines are priceless! Brings back memories.

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