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May 29, 2008



I think this should have said lets fuck shirt up..two curse words are one too many for me. Maybe a dead gizmo on the back too


Question: Is the Kenny T-shirt a returning item?

Related question: How did the guitarist performing on the talk show get the T-shirt?

Statement: Jim and Pam make me sick.

Not related statement: The Brooklyn fair looks exciting. There are so many vendors! Congrats!


Oh, hi Dwight.

Answer: Yes, this is a variant edition of the Kenny t-shirt. Hence the word "sequel".

Related answer: We wish we knew how that guy on that show got the shirt! If we had contact with him we'd definitely refer him to your Beet Farm B&B.

Statement response: Really? I think they're pretty cute. And they were really nice and stayed at your Beet Farm B&B.

Not related response: Thanks! Feel free to come up and visit. Brookyn isn't too far from Scranton. I can guarantee they'll be some kitty related items if you want to bring anyone special...Ahem.

Vanessa Greevers

I really need this Kenny shirt for my boyfriend's birthday! Is it for sale?

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